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Distributed Systems Technologies is a course for master degree at TU Wien, Austria. In this site, lectures are provided for Summer 2018. The target participants for this course are master students in Distributed Computing, Software Engineering and Internet Computing. However, you might find the materials are useful for your learning.


The information about the course at TU WIen is here.

Lecture 1: Distributed Architecture, Interaction, and Data Models

Basic concepts about distributed architectures, different interaction models for distributed software components, and advanced data models and databases

Lecture 1 PDF

Lecture 2: Messaging: Basic Exchange, Processing and Transformation Models and Tools

Various message systems (Message-oriented middleware), techniques for exchanging data in large-scale systems, integration and data transformation models and tools

Lecture 2 PDF

Lecture 3: Programming Dynamic Features and Monitoring Distributed Software Systems

dynamic features in distributed applications, including dynamic proxy, annotation and AOP, monitoring and complex event processing

Lecture 3 PDF

Lecture 4: Virtualization, Elasticity and Performance for Distributed Applications

cloud virtualization and elasticity programming, virtual machines, containers, performance handling

Lecture 4 PDF

Lecture 5: Advanced Data Processing Techniques for Distributed Applications and Systems

large-scale data analytics, Apache Kafka, streaming data processing and Apache Apex, workflows

Lecture 5 PDF

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